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The Death of a Christian - Our Faith Response

Our Belief, Prayer and Pastoral Care
A workshop in three parts

At all times, but in a special way at the time of death, the Church proclaims  the hope that is ours in the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A deceased member of the church has a right to the fullness of the funeral rites and the bereaved must never be allowed to feel that they grieve alone.

As part of its ministry, The Catholic Cemetery Office offers a program which  invites the faithful - Priests, Deacons, Pastoral Associates, Ministers of Eucharist, Word, and Music, Bereavement Teams, Health Care Ministers and Funeral Home Directors - to explore and gain a fuller understanding of the Church's Belief, Prayer and Pastoral Care at the time of passage through Dying, Death and Burial

The Order for Christian Funerals is the primary source for this  program which is offered either in a one time Overview format or  as a Series - three 2 hour days or evenings. We encourage cluster group participation.

This offering focuses on the stages of ritual concerning the death and burial of the Catholic Christian.

Rituals from the time of death to the principal liturgy including vigil  and prayer services at key moments

Funeral Mass or the Liturgy outside Mass
Rite of Committal at place of entombment or burial

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